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Posted on November 7, 2012 by anton.

I’ve been collecting videos on Vimeo of different technologies and projects I’ve been working with, feel free to check them out. There is some touchscreen, Windows Phone 7, iOS prototyping and HTML 5!

glMonsterMaze 0

Posted on January 24, 2012 by anton.

Hey all,

thought I’d post a current personal project I’m working on as it’s just about playable, glMonsterMaze (



It’s a HTML 5 / WebGL experiment based loosely on the way, waaaaaay, old 3D Monster maze on the Spectrum ( I used to love this game as a kid so I thought I’d breathe some new life in to it with the current web technology we have available.. plus I get kicks from working with JS/HTML5 at the moment so any excuse really :)

There’s still a whole bunch of items on my todo list, including:

  • Texture normal/bump mapping
  • Collada’s for Monster and Exit
  • Intro page
  • Mouse lock (Come on Chrome, you can do it)
  • Possibly a live map with explored areas (alaa Doom)


If you can think of anything you’d like to see in this feel free to hit me up via the usual channels oh and I’m using twitter an awful lot now too (!/antonmills)┬áso that’s probably a good way to keep in touch!


Unity + Kinect fun 2

Posted on November 22, 2011 by anton.

Still alive, just keeping busy since the relocation to Sydney.

Here’s a quick clip of something I’ve put together for an internal Visual Jazz Exhibiton:

Unity + C# scripts (okay so the holding script needs a little work!). OpenNi/Nite drivers, 3ds model rigging.


Windows Phone 7 Game – Nearly Ready 0

Posted on March 23, 2011 by anton.

I’ve progressed enough with my own little framework to produce a 20+ level game built on the Windows Phone 7 XNA framework. It’s essentially just a technical test that I’ve rolled in to game (a mighty challenging pixel perfect jump game at that!).

I still have some small refinements and tweaks to polish it up but be sure to check out “The Unoriginal Platformer” on the Windows Phone Marketplace soon!

A slightly longer vid of the game coming up after the break as per usual:

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New ActiveTuts+ tutorial. The HYPE framework 0

Posted on February 23, 2011 by anton.

I’ve written a new tutorial up at the ActiveTuts+ website for the HYPE framework by Branden Hall and Joshua Davis. It’s aimed as an introduction to the framework in general and will give you an overview of building a composition and some of the core features such as Rhythms, Vibrations and ObjectPools.

You can find the tutorial here.


Staff Writer for ActiveTuts+ 1

Posted on February 17, 2011 by anton.

activetutsplus logo

I’m a little slow posting this, as some may have already seen from the ActiveTuts+ news post that I have recently joined the the ActiveTuts+ team as a staff writer!

I’m really excited at being able to contribute to such a great team that provide high quality tutorials and tips to the developer community. I’m going to be covering ActionScript 3 as usual but we’re hoping to be covering a series of Windows Phone 7 based tutorials very soon as I’m still developing with and absolutely love the SDK.

I’ve just completed a tutorial on the HYPE framework similar to the one I wrote for Computer Arts mag over Christmas but with the extra space I have I was able to explain the details of the framework in a lot more depth. I’ll post a link when it’s added to their website so feel free to have a butchers!

ps. Windows Phone 7 update coming very soon :)


Windows Phone 7 – Platform Game WIP 1 0

Posted on January 9, 2011 by anton.

I’ve been continuing with an implementation of a tile-based platform game on the Windows Phone 7 using XNA. I’m also really enjoying building on my own framework extending XNA, it’s really nice having to revisit the basics by implement your own sprite sheets / scroll rects for animating etc.

Following the break is a quick demo SWF (I really need to stop using Jing for screen recording) showing the map editor and movement in use.
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Windows Phone 7 – Sprite and Collision Bounds 0

Posted on January 9, 2011 by anton.

I’m in a constant dilemma about Windows Phone 7. On one hand C# is perhaps my most favourite language, ever but sales havent been impressive so far. I’m currently unsure if I invest in it as a more niche market (ie smaller market, greater chance of exposure) but regardless I really enjoy using it for games, infact XNA being pretty low level (not as in asm but as in level of features pre-packaged) compared to AS3 has really freed me. I’ve created my own Sprites wrapped around Textures and SpriteSheets with animation support, collisions with points, distance and collision bounds, buttons, thumbsticks, it’s been an truly awesome experience!

My private framework is coming on leaps and bounds. Heres an uber simple example of a hSprite and a hSpriteAnimated at work, showing their CollisionBounds, scaling etc. When a collision occurs the top hSpriteAnimated changes color:

Take a quick look after the break:

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